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(a) not (vidya) wisdom

You're probably asking yourself why we named the company ignorant films? The truth is that we all are. In our quest for acceptances, we've become trapped in our own illusions of judgment and perceptions. The concept of the individual is a facade. The separateness that forms the ego and the feeble attempt to protect our souls from the very thing that we search for; intimacy. The goal of Avidya Films is to reminds us of the union between us and the universal in us all. To get us past our self-centered illusions, through the stories that reflect our smug, fractured knowledge of ourselves. Stories that self-examine our projected expectations and judgments out in the world. Asking why do we rather take down instead of building connections and why the mass majority of us walk around always on the defensive. Always running from ourselves to ourselves.

To learn that the one true thing brings happiness is surrendering to self-acceptance.

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