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Attended Mass. College of Art 1983-87.Painting,sculpture,assemblage.
Hosted and curated music,art and video shows with my wife Kaye Boutet at Nom D' Artiste, our loft space,in Boston's Chinatown from2000-2010.
Now "retired" to the wilds of Somerville.
Attempting to complete past work and re-focus my energies to new film/sound and video projects.


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  3. wayne viens
  4. Anabel Vázquez
  5. alex black
  6. Christine Benoit
  7. Dave Nardone
  8. Dan Hirsch
  9. Seth Tisue
  10. Susanna Bolle
  11. petrahaschen
  12. PRINCESSdie
  13. Mike Bullock
  14. Nate Cubeta
  15. wiresounds
  16. Lana Z Caplan
  17. janssen strong
  18. Kelly Jo  Popkin

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