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Northern Ireland

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Cameraman Editor
Final Cut Studio
Apples Motion
Work Stormont (Northern Ireland Assembly)


  2. Pacific Pictures
  3. Pink Lime Videos
  4. stillmotion
  5. A&A Video Productions
  6. Airworx
  7. robert mcintosh
  8. Skyline Aerial
  9. James Miller
  10. Supralude
  12. Rob Adams Films
  13. Vincent Urban
  14. Pavel Badzhakov
  15. Vincent Laforet
  16. Rob Whitworth
  17. Robert Balasko,
  18. Justin R. Durban

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  1. Kevin these visions you keep having in your mind are very well translated to film...Its a path I'm slowly trying to follow...OUT OF POWERFUL DREAMS COMES GREAT STORIES. Keep up the good work