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ThermoLife International is a company dedicated to bringing you real products that work. All our formulas have been clinically researched and field-tested so we know they work before we offer them to you.
Our Mission

Innovation - Purity - Trust - This is the code that ThermoLife lives by. In an industry saturated with formulations that fail to meet quality control standards, that are spiked with hidden ingredients and labeled incorrectly, ThermoLife is committed above all else to delivering only the PUREST, most POWERFUL, and INNOVATIVE products that meet label claims and are TRUSTED by athletes World-wide.
So who are we?

We are a leading manufacturer in the sports nutrition and supplement industry. We are dedicated to developing clinically researched and field-tested formulas that are proven to work. And we are leading the industry with the highest level of purity testing standards and groundbreaking innovation to help athletes on an international level achieve their absolute best.

Every product and every batch is independently tested for purity under the strictest testing standards. And, when a standard does not exist for ingredient verification, we collaborate with the nation's top analytical facility to develop a TRUE standard to test against. You can rest assured that you are getting only the finest ingredients in pharmacologically active amounts - a trademark distinction of every product.

And most importantly, you can rest assured that ALL of our products are guaranteed to meet label claims. We are so sure about the quality, purity, and effectiveness of our formulations that all our products come with our 100% money back guarantee.

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