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GYPSY Music: Bad Angle and Slim Tyrant merged their great talents together to develop and produce every musical element that stirs lovers of house, dub-step and Electronic music on the planet. “GYPSY is a two man group producing electric power like the hoover dam!” Quoted on Having received massive amounts of hits the first day of posting their master releases on, Gypsy has lived up to their legend, “incredibly outstanding.”
The talented Slim Tyrant was recently quoted when explaining the hard work put into GYPSY's sound, "We work long hours arranging and recording our own tracks and re-mixes at the studio in Miami. These are the best guys helping us to achieve our unique sounds. Now more than ever people are looking to us for original tracks and great re-mixes."
The sky's the limit for Gypsy as their popularity rises, more people are getting to know them and deciding to put their faith in these two talented guys that form the organization. The gigs and events keep on mounting as their talent is showcased across Miami.
Creating music that is uniquely their own for the entertainment of their devoted audiences. Justin Ewing, a hard working "behind the scenes" member that does the management, promoting, website design, and tech work for the group.
Gypsy uses assorted backgrounds that provide the important tools to provide to the varied ethnic audiences they encounter, they use an interactive approach with their crowd so they can understand the history of Gypsy and its sounds. This power of human attraction can be properly used in a scenario in which the audience will know,
who are the people behind Gypsy?
Talented musicians with the ability to entertain, interact and electrify the crowd in their shows. Their unique interaction with the audience is what sets them apart from other groups. With questions like – what are your interests, what kind of job do you have, why you like or dislike something etc. These informative inquiries help Gypsy determine what the people want, allowing the group to combine and produce the original sounds they are known for. Their audiences are helping point the way to a fresh new start for Gypsy.
Gypsy is an organization that upholds the high standards of integrity through their unparalleled dedication to excellence. "It's very important to us that we match the proper entertainment to the event. Every gig is unique. Each one is made up of a different group of people with their own particular tastes in music." Bad Angle explained.
The group has the fastest-growing original tracks and re-mix music masters on the net. Strategic planning, development and technological experience, teamed with a lean but growing staff, is poised to spark a music revolution. Why? "Because," as Slim Tyrant says, "the world has a right to know us, and that's what we destined for."
So here's the the crew Jovann Lopez - aka: "Bad Angle", and Marcos Pagan - aka: "Slim Tyrant" and Manager Justin Ewing
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