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hey im steph and welcome to my channel im 16
i like making music videos and just make videos lol
should be uplading one soon
anyways hope you enjoy :-)

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  1. stephanie commented on Restavek II
    This is really good But could you possibly hav subtitles :/
  2. stephanie commented on Restavek
    this is heartbreaking....the way that children are getting treated like shit....i think that people should not let go of there children just click in a flash just because some random person said 'oh give me your child and i will promise i will go…
  3. OMG you have still got this video up... look no one likes this.. ur just embarrasing urself... you do know that right? lets just hope you dont audition for BGT(Britans Got Talent or the X Factor or you can but no one will like u and everyone…
  4. stephanie commented on HISPANIOLA
    the story is great,the bond between the two boys is just so lovley.... it certantly made me smille :) the end was really upsetting tho as it made me cry... if i can just ask if you can upload the video again but with subtitles ?????
  5. this song is braw flo rida im ur number #1 fan btw your fit sorry had to say lol xx
  6. bOrINg!!!!!!!!!!
  7. HE IS SO HOT!