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  1. 2012 ZERO1 BIENNIAL

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    23 Videos / 15 Members

    Do you have an experience during the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial? Where were you? What did you see? We want to know.

  2. San Jose Climate Clock

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    10 Videos / 2 Members

  3. #OccupyTheater

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    56 Videos / 15 Members

    #OccupyTheater Join The Triangle Lab (Intersection for the Arts + California Shakespeare Theater + Campo Santo) in creating a performance response to recent events at #OccupyOakland, to be performed…

  4. Energy Smart Artists

    by dsiembieda joined

    5 Videos / 5 Members

    This group is for artists and interested folks who want to learn how to create art using green materials and how to lower the the carbon footprint of art. This is created by the Art Inspector as part…

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