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Freelance 3D Artist.

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  1. Platige Image
  2. The Animation Workshop
  3. Caravela Estúdio Digital
  4. Nathan Hartman
  5. The Grey Guy
  6. Ghayth Chegaar 2D/3D Artist/Anim
  7. Aaron Simpson
  8. Charles Sapinault
  9. David Nadessin 2D/3D Artist-Anim
  10. Victor Jardel
  11. Ghayth, Eddy, Victor

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  1. Hey folks, Just wanted to celebrate with you our first selection ! Calvaire Fruité is now officially selected to the Rushes Soho Short Festival (London). http://sohoshorts.wordpress.com/official-selection-rssf-2012/ We hope, there's gonna be many…
  2. Wow ! You made my day ! Thank you for your comment.