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Creative Manager, Leader, Dreamer.
Producer/Writer/Editor/Etc/Etc/Etc to infinity and beyond.

I'm a geek girl. I say that with great pride by the way. I watch way too much TV and when I'm not watching TV I'm probably talking about TV, or writing about TV and of course I work in TV.... Yep. I like TV.

I have a love of genre TV. I believe in the word passion as opposed to obsession...makes me feel better about stuff.

I'd be good to have on your side in a zombie apocalypse...actually I'd rock in a judeo-christian apocalyptic situation too. Just sayin'.

I know an exorcism off by heart...( good to have around in the end of days). You just never know when these things might come in handy.

I've scared you haven't I.....

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  • Blog - sweetondean - Blog dedicated to the TV show Supernatural with articles and reviews written by Amy Hutton
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