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  1. David, Canon Mark III support has just been added to Treasured software. (It's still an unofficial release, but it can detect and preview Mark3 footage inside corrupt files).
  2. Yes you can. Just use QuickTime Pro (Mac or Windows) or SimpleMovieX (Mac, free trial) to trim material in excess. Files will be saved without re-encoding. No quality loss. Links:, http://simplemoviex.c
  3. Hello, Aero Quartet here (the guys who repair Canon EOS footage every day) We have done a study on Firmware 1.2.5 and yes, it reduces the failure rate. See our study here:
  4. Another aspect to take into account is reliability when shooting video. Canon EOS cameras have a significant failure rate, leading to corrupt files or SD cards. We have published a study about it:
  5. Hello, We have made a study about how firmware 1.2.5 affects Canon corruption issue: Conclusion: it reduces significantly the failure rate. By the way,…
  6. Hello, I just want to clarify pricing for Aero Quartet repairs. 1 clip: $69 up to 3 clips: $99 unlimited number of clips: $159 see So if you have 10 clips to repair, the cost will be $159.