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With a strong interest in landscapes, particularly natural settings, my ambition is to work in digital environments and matte painting. Having studied physics and computing in college, before doing a fine art foundation course, I now have a strong combination of skills which have been very useful throughout my degree. I originally worked with darkroom photography and progressed into working
with digital imagery, giving me a good understanding of physical cameras and light interaction.

Leading a small group through both pre-production planning and production filming stages, I know that good organisation is critical for sticking to a tight schedule. I had to liaise with actors and arrange film locations with the owners which meant I had to be flexible, balance several tasks at once and communicate clearly.

I have had experience with writing my own Python scripts and received a ‘first’ on my dissertation, 'Photogrammetry and Photo-Based 3D Construction.'

I am always keen to learn and have made a real effort to acquire techniques outside the requirements of my course. Now I am looking for the opportunity to continue developing my skills whilst working within a professional environment.

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