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Ryan has spent over 30 years in entertainment as an actor. He has worked with Academy Award Winners Steven Spielberg, Robin Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Maggie Smith and Dustin Hoffman in HOOK, and Emmy Award Winners Sela Ward and George Clooney on NBC's SISTERS, which ...he was a series regular for its entire six year run. He has also appeared in 100 national commercials, having the lead role in selling products ranging from SUBARU to COORS LITE to TWIX. Ryan can also be heard on the radio hawking products for Chevrolet, Taco Bell, CiCi's Pizza as well as promo spots for the CW network. Having produced numerous short films, as well as the feature
The Helix Loaded...and Just Another Day, a feature film shot entirely in one day for under $10,000, growing up on movie sets was a reality, one that continues today. He recently has turned his sights on writing and directing.
His first short film OPEN 24 HOURS, has received outstanding reviews and was selected to play at the 20th ARIZONA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, 3rd SAN JOSE SHORT FILM FEST as well as the 14th DANCES WITH FILMS. Besides acting, he is an all around athlete who lettered in football as well as soccer, a team that knocked off the number two team in California on the way to the semi-final round of the California Southern Section Tournament. But it was on the baseball diamond where Ryan would set state and school records that still stand today. He also picked up a trophy in tennis, winning the Adidas Desert Challenge in Mixed Doubles as well as winning a belt buckle in team penning at a rodeo in North Carolina.

Check out Ryan's IMDb resume which includes videos at: imdb.com/name/nm0290310/
Also see some of his work on YouTube: youtube.com/user/ryanjfrancisactor

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