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Ilyas Odman:
...movement as an object...object as a dancer...body as poetry...

Ilyas Odman is searching a unique expressionist physical theatre method by his pieces. Therefore, he combines methods of contemporary dance, acrobatics, risk technique and gesture theatre and tries to create an artistic production closer to performance art than to immitative / expressionist dance art.
Odman began to dance at METU Dance Theatre at 1998 and has been the choreographer, trainer between the years 2000-2002. At the same year, he began to attend dance classes in Ankara Modern Dance Turkey. Alparslan Karaduman, Bürge Öztürk, Paul Clayden, Jan Pusch, Chevy Muraday, Dilek Dervisoglu, Stéphanie Parent, Martin Sonderkamp, Talin Büyükkürkçiyan, Rubato, Alexandre Abellan, Handan Ergiydiren and Karin Ponties are some choreographers, in whose pieces and classes he took part. At 2001, he established “underNine dance and movement project”. In 2010 he attended to the long-term workshop series of Meg Stuart.
He is still one of the few choreographers who is still regularly performing every month in Istanbul at venues like Kumbaracı50, Talimhane Tiyatrosu and keeps touring his pieces also abroad.

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