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Bangalore, India

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Erehwon is an Innovation Consulting and Facilitation firm which has over the past 18 years developed a path breaking methodology called Orbit-shifting Innovation.

Erehwon pursues Innovation with a relentless and unwavering passion. The name EREHWON in itself brings alive the spirit and purpose of what the organisation and its people stand for.

Read the name EREHWON backwards and what emerges is NOWHERE, break it up and it becomes NOW HERE.

From Nowhere to Now and Here, from Impossible to Possible and Hopelessness to Hope is the spirit & mission of Erehwon.

You need orbit shifting innovation when:

> The urge and the need is not just to replicate and adapt but to create the dramatically new.
> You are stepping into the unknown.
> The outcome expectations are not incremental, but a quantum leap.
> Transfer of best practices is not enough.

We partner organisations in making Orbit-shifting Innovation happen. We are not domain experts, we are Orbit-shifting Innovation experts. Magic happens when the domain expertise of the organisation combines with Erehwon's Innovation expertise to take on and bring to life an Orbit-shift mission.

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