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Oakland, CA

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Born in New Hampshire.
Exchange student in Argentina during high school.
College at Trinity College. Degree in Lat Am Studies, Film Studies.
Study abroad in Italy and Spain.
Co-directed, co-produced docs on Venezuela, Senegal, France.
Now poor once again and looking for work.

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  1. No, sorry. Since these were removed so long ago we don't even have any record of them ever existing at all. Also, the file names are stripped during the upload process anyway.
  2. Thank you for writing, Mark, and so promptly. I really appreciate it. Is there any way to even know what the file names were? They are buried deep, deep in some hard drive I have. Do your records tell you what the file names of the .mov files were…
  3. No, sorry Chris! We only hold onto them for a few days in case of accidental deletion.