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Some unofficial sources claim that Giorgio Scazzocchio, if it is that his real name, was born in 1973 in the back room of an antique shop in Rangoon. Since childhood he became interested in art, there are witnesses who say he was fond of decorating all the walls he encountered. When he was aware of his artistic ability, and after being arrested for painting the car of an Arab prince decided to leave the country and initiate studies of graphic design at the School of Design Art Llotja.En i later years Giorgio information is unclear, some say it has worked in graphic design studios and B & R Communication, Study Auso Graell or Richard & Photography. Other reports claim to have seen in Spain TBWA advertising agency, FCB Tapsa, The Partner, or lately in Igriega Communication. Marketing directors acknowledge that they have coincided with a character who responds to their profile when they worked for the brands: Frudesa, Bagués-Masriera, Tatay, Levis, Freixenet, Ford, Nestle, Samsung, Campina, Nissan, Pastas Gallo, Play Station, Tropicana, Puig, Codorniu, Kelme, Bodegas Bilbaínas, Raimat, Mundo Deportivo, or La Vanguardia. He even says he has received several awards in the advertising world, but always using false names: Zokio, Jordano, Armani ... All these data can be true or false, but what is certain is that if you type in Google Giorgio Scazzocchio appears your Facebook account.

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