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James Justin is an entrepreneur, minister, life coach and author. He earned his Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree from Boston College and (BSW) degree from Eastern Nazarene College. James worked as a counselor for 10 years before quitting his job to pursue his passion in 2010. In 2011, he published his first book “Express Yourself.” This is an inspirational book he co-wrote with his wife. In 2013, he published a solo project on the subject of his training and passion, relationships. The book is titled, “How to Develop Meaningful Relationships.” He is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Lauretta for over 15 years and they have three sons. Among his friends, James is known for his peaceful and loving spirit.


Lauretta Justin is an entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker, singer and lifestyle coach. Her life is an example for many. As a trail blazer she is the founder, President and CEO of Millennium Eye Center where she practices Optometry. She is the co-author of Express Yourself. Dr.Lauretta believes that we all possess the power to change our lives. In 1998, Dr. Lauretta married her best friendJames. She is a devoted wife and mother of their three sons. Dr.Lauretta enjoys singing, playing with her kids, watching Saturday morning cartoons and shopping for new shoes.

To contact us, go to jamesandlauretta.com

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