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Functionality in a fashionable wrapping.

doM RAn is a brand that breaks free from the system. It wants to aim to expose the creative and open-minded nature in the hearts and souls of every individual willing to release it;
to allow them to become just that; independent, aware, responsible and willing to improve their world.

Based on the idea of the anti capitalistic economy, a phenomena that is seen on the streets, markets, the internet, even a shop in Berlin...

doM RAn encourages the public to explore current art and design trends by prominently featuring the work of underground artists, photographers and illustrators on the labels clothing and accessories.

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  1. doM RAn COLLECTION 2011: With todays recession, mentalities change and evolve doM RAn strives to attain modern, but timeless style. Latest creation system eRRoR, a AW 2012 street wear collection that pictures Berlin through the eyes of its designer.…