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West Midlands UK

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Budding designer and I promote afrocentricity. Currently this is taking place all over the lower half of my head while the amalgamation of my imagination, inspiration and cunningness is taking place in the upper part of my head.
I am studying on one of the best under-undergraduate courses in the UK in 3D-Design at Warwickshire College. I look forward to building a vast career in and around aspects that surround our short lives with design.
I am currently working on some ideas, involving all kinds of stuff...
Inspiration: Cinematography is primarily down to the YouTube Guys: Pwnisher & Freddiew primarily... And a lot of Vimeo and then some!


  1. Study in Denmark
  2. SpindleProductions
  3. Planetary Collective
  4. Peter Atencio
  5. The Cool Hunter
  6. Design Academy Eindhoven
  7. MAS
  8. Naoto Ono
  9. Dean Peterson
  10. Parsons SCE
  11. Curbly
  12. Focus Forward Films
  13. The Creators Project
  14. Gizmodo
  15. Christopher White
  17. Andrew Norton
  18. IDEO

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