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Who I Am . . . I am a Colorado native, living in Florida (yes by choice) I have lived in Florida since 1985, and I live here now with 3 dogs, Umbrella Cockatoo, a couple of ghosts and a complicated beautiful man. I met him on-line, and I love him more everyday. I have white hair that is more beautiful then fresh fallen snow. I can’t stand to wear uncomfortable shoes, but I love to paint my toenails. There are few things as beautiful to me as the musical lilt of mountain speech or the sound of a crying fiddle. I am a proud liberal pro-choice feminist. I am a white person who cares deeply about racial equality. I am a straight person who cares deeply about gay rights. I am spiritual, but not religious. I meditate, study Buddhism, and yes I talk to angels. I believe in hope and transformation. I believe that love is stronger than fear. I believe in the magic that lives between the writer and the reader. I believe in the healing power of creativity. I believe that each one of us on this planet is an artist with a story to tell. I'm telling my story as honestly as I can. It's as if the universe is pulling me inward, forcing me gently to listen to the voices inside. The voices we all hear, although most choose to not listen. I have been on my path for years now to discover my sacred space . . . so be it. I invite you to come along and enjoy my journey with me.
Peace be with all . . . Namaste' Denita


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