Jef Scharf

Yonkers, New York

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Jef Scharf has been making art with others like Amy Sillman, Reed Anderson, Michael Smith, and Maya Hayuk since the Hippies realized there was a disturbing darkness at the end of their trip (This is an allusion to the artist's birthdate 12/01/69 at 6:25pm in Novelty, Ohio) . A general lack of confidence in his personal vision lead to creation of Wolfy Part II to pursue varied music and rock and/or roll printing and design. Jef Scharf has been making varied attempts at film and editing. The results are contained within. Since upgrading his Vimeo account, Scharf has dedicated hours to failed uploads but takes it in stride because of so many hours of failed renders from his editing software. He is having better luck recently and enjoys what the Vimeo compression codex does to his poorly shot videos. He has even made a couple videos on the Vimeo App Project editor but wishes that it had a few more options. We can only expect he will improve.

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