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ZOOM was established in 2006.Brings fresh and creative approach on both electronic and OOHM.Providing creative concepts and solutions to clients after in depth case study is the uniqueness of Zoom Advertisers.It is a team of honest, competent and dedicated workers having more than 7 years experience in print media, electronic media and outdoor advertisement.Our team includes American Design Award Winner and NCA qualified designers and concept artists.We think forward and ZOOM the future vision.
ZOOM was founded on mature VHB backlight and sunlight readable and back light animated display technology. The core technology from founders has dominated the VHB (Very High Brightness) backlight display field in U.S.A since 1993.With strong R&D manufacturing, marketing, and sales teams, ZOOM’s object is to offer innovative VHB (Very High Brightness) LED products with mass-production capability. Currently, VHB LED has been applied successfully in several Shapes such as LED animated signs, BLA signs, automobile signage, multimedia LCD monitor, ATM & Kiosk display, outdoor sunlight readable display, marine display, military display and panel wall display.Recently, VHB (Very High Brightness) technology has been emphasized in the advertising industries. Shining and interaction features both make digital signage a perfect tool to attract audience. This new market segment is that IRIS enthusiastically want to share with our current customers and potential strategic partners.ZOOM welcomes all potential partners from various industries to cooperate together. ZOOM’s vision is to keep in the leading position in the VHB displays field and offer the most profitable VHB products with ultimate quality to our customers.Outdoor advertising is always a painless buy. As a leading outdoor advertisers with wide ranging experience with several national and multinational organizations spanning more than 2 decades, Call Advertisers is well positioned to get your message on the road.Our services are as vast and extensive as the great outdoor. We have our own team of professionals having rich experience in their respective fields.We also have our own in house production and maintenance workshop – fully equipped and manned for handling most jobs under one roof. With proper infrastructure and a professional approach, we’ll get the job done well in time and well within your budget and well to your level of satisfaction.

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