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While the balancing act of being a student athlete – leader – big brother - son – friend can be interesting, I’m becoming all the more skilled in developing the necessary time management and other skills that are essential to being such a “well-rounded individual.‿ In essence, I realize and appreciate that I must always take something away from whatever I pursue, not overly fret over the things that I don’t do as well as I want, request and accept assistance from those that are more proficient in things that I am not, remain humble, respectful and curious and that each day opens yet another bevy of opportunities for me to improve and help others. While, I remain optimistic about my pursuit of a career as a child psychologist, I am realistic that upon entering my collegiate studies, a whole new world of ripe and varied experiences and opportunities will be thrust upon me and I therefore may change my objectives. However, that is okay, because that’s what’s college is fundamentally about to me, sharing with you a delectable smorgasbord but allowing you to sample at your leisure and eventually taking leave contented and hopefully with room left for dessert; namely graduate school.

I would like to meet everyone that is themselves.
Pretty much don't be fake and I'll like you quite easily. Don't be afraid of who you are, you're the only one that can be you

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