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While studying music theory/composition at the Music Conservatory of Caracas Jose Angel Lamas, Dr. Jesus Lopez-Donado received his BSc (Hons) in Electronics Engineering from the Simon Bolivar University (Venezuela) in 1997, later, his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence applied to signal processing from the University of Ulster (UK), in 2003 and his postgraduate certificate in education from the same institution in 2004. He has exhibited several installations and performed with a number of experimental bands. In February 2000 he joined the School of Information Engineering at the University of Ulster as a lecturer in multimedia and bioinformatics. He then emigrated to australia and became an A/Prof at USQ. He has being associate editor in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and an invited editor for the IEEE Transactions’ series and the journal of computational creativity. His research interests are in,computational creativity (biological complexity applied to music), bioinformatics, medicine and generative music. He has published over 30 articles, one edited book (available here) and one monograph (available here). Pursuing more humanistic goals, he undertook post-graduate medical studies (2007-2010) at Griffith University Australia and now practice as a medical practitioner. He believes that, despite an ubiquitous demand for specialization in modern society, the idea of a modern homo universalis (polymath) is still fundamental and achievable by fully integrating artistic, humanistic and scientific endeavors within a sole ideological framework.

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