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Born in Bristol, UK and growing up in Somerset, Lee has always had a keen interest and love for film for as long as he can remember. After being mesmerized by Spielberg’s Jurassic Park upon it’s release he has since set his sights on making it big in the industry. Then, after discovering a fellow cinema aficionado in Ryan, the pieces really started to fall in place and together they have been working on some amazing projects, with each others skills complimenting each other perfectly.

A degree in interactive media production from Bournemouth University helped generate the essential skills needed in the industry, whether that be editing on Final Cut Pro or filming using a wide variety of cameras he is always more than capable. Although still relatively young this hasn’t stopped Lee from gaining a huge amount of experience from a vast number of companies operating in all areas of the film making industry. He has worked within marketing and advertising for the media at Dare Digital as well as producing 8 hour live television interactive chat shows in Bristol.

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