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Jim Holyoak is an Earthling, from the Kingdom Mammalia, and of the species homo sapiens. During the time he is not awake, he is dreaming. Although he is generally terrestrial, he often dreams of being a marine mammal. Sperm whales, for instance, have the largest brains of any Earthling, and they navigate by deep sea mountain ranges. Although cultural restraints usually require him to be diurnal, Holyoak also dreams of being a flying fox. When granted the opportunity, he has the tendency of staying up all night drinking nectar. Mainly, he requires oxygen, water, and vegetables to continue his activities. Although Holyoak suffers from a persistent sense of being lost, he enjoys wandering. Due to his semi-predictable migratory patterns, one could safely guess that he’s somewhere between the North Pacific coast, and the Isle of Montreal. This said, nobody, especially Holyoak, knows exactly where Holyoak is.

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