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  1. Danny Cooke

    Danny Cooke Plus Torbay, United Kingdom


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    If you like my films, please follow me on twitter @dannycooke http://www.twitter.com/dannycooke Freelance Film-maker, Director of Photography and Editor based in South-West England. I enjoy experimenting so my work covers a wide range of subjects, styles and techniques: documentaries, shorts,…

  2. David Lance

    David Lance Plus London


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    Lancin is a young creative team producing 3D visualisations and animations. We are not randomly collected Artists and Designers but are a pool of select professionals who are experienced in coming together creatively and efficiently to produce results for the most ambitious projects. We tailor each team…

  3. José Miguel Infante

    José Miguel Infante Santiago de Chile


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    diseñador gráfico de profesión, entusiasta de la fotografia y el video dslr, dedicado al motion graphics, vfx y post.

  4. Pixel Art
  5. Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

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