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This is the vimeo channel of the MA Visual Anthropology programme at the University of Kent, Canterbury.
The MA offers a unique opportunity to explore traditional and experimental means of using visual and audio-visual media to research, represent and produce anthropological knowledge. Our pioneering use of multimedia in anthropology is now complemented by an innovative interest in public and collaborative anthropology, critical engagement with policy and the use of audio-visual and internet based media in advocacy and activism.

Grounded in and committed to practice-led theory in social anthropology the course critically examines the relation of the visual to the other senses and the power of media to move people to action. It also seeks inspiration from outside of disciplinary boundaries for the purposes of engaging wider audiences.

The course is designed for those who wish to gain a strong grounding in Visual Anthropology while gaining practical skills and developing their own expertise and interests in new, productive and collaborative areas. Integration with linked modules in Social Anthropology ensures that the course widens career prospects and provides ideal preparation for further research.

Visit our blog to watch student videos, see photos from our recent events and watch talks. Our blog will give you a real feel for the exciting life of our programme.

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