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I am Kristian Knoop and music is my life. I'm studying for sound design on the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam. I was born in the oldest city of Holland, Dordrecht on June 25 1992 and I live now in a small town called Strijen.

On my 13th year I began to work on my first dream "DJ Kris". It was a great time I learned very much of/ about sound, plugs and decibels. On my 15th year I began to work by a local radio station called "Radio Hoeksche-Waard". I was the soundman for a program named "Blue Haven" a radio program with a lot of Country, Blues and Folk music in it. I learned everything of radio
there. One year later I began my one show on the local radio. I was so happy! Every Tuesday evening you could hear my voice on the radio. In that time I was always busy with making jingles. One year later I stopped by the radio and go to my newest dream. "Alcazar Discotheques" I love to work there. I am now head technique for al the sound and light equipment. And I've learned everything there. I love my job!

Because music is my life and I love working with my head and hands, I started saving money for my own recording studio. I had some old equipment from my dj carrier and I use that to. I started my own business named "Ztrike Records". I started to speak for voice over's, people say that my voice was beautiful.

Now I am working with Apple Logic Pro, my home made studio is grown a lot bigger. And it grows by the week. I'm learning everyday at school and home. And I am using it. My newest dream is Walt Disney Pictures. And I see myself standing there in
the future.

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