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Vancouver, B.C.

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It is nice of you to drop by. I'm all excited now that you're here!

This is the place where I would love to show you all of the wonderful work and material, I've had the opportunity to be working on. Acting is what I love doing. And to let you see it, is honorable.

I am Currently training with Nadine Wright of ACT-2, and I have recently completed studies with Matthew Lillard and Bill Marchant while attending the prestigious Vancouver Film School's Acting Program. I was able to work with Peter D. Marshall, Sam Hill, Simon Barry, Nicholas Humphries, Sean Cox, Patrick Gilmore, Carrie Anne Fleming, and Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin. All this to say, that I'm keeping sharp.

I always love to hear from friends and family. And that means you to. Please don't hesitate to shoot me a message at

Without further due, let's watch those videos, shall we?

For Booking please contact
Carrier Talent Management
Esther Cohen
Agent -Film/TV/Voicover
604-683-8641 Ext. 225

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