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User Bio is simply a blog about how the ethical fashion industry could change - mainly by talking about changes in tariffs that could in turn cause changes around the world. Good countries get a good tariff. If more people talk about the idea, there is more chance that politicians will pick it up.

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  1. Hattastic is, obviously, an ethical brand that continnues to use upcycled materials and mainly, at the moment, vintage materials because I am totally in love with them! So I tend to use vintage straws, ribbons - anything. And if I source a load…
  2. Just been googling ethical fashion events and saw notes of some speeches, including a different one by Liz Parker. Hope they help someone. Oh: I am available as a pundit - google quoted notes ---- Perhaps the most…
  3. transcript Anyone is welcome to cut-and-paste it for editing and to put it somewhere easier to find - even here if it ifts.
  4. - rough transcription. Anyone is welcome to cut-and-paste it to somewhere better and to improve it.
  5. is a transcript which I hope others copy and improve