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JZ has been described as "Half stand-up, half poetry, half music...", and that's basically what he is, and does. A mature songwriter/poet/performer of renown, he has been likened to Jake Thackray, David Byrne, Roy Harper, and even Bob Dylan. He performs live from time to time, and occasionally releases recordings: such as the lovely 'Separation Anxiety', from 2009, and the 'Family Man' EP (2013). In 2008, John was one of a set of judges for the Native-E Music Awards - assessing and selecting winners from 5 categories of contemporary works by Native American and Canadian Aboriginal musical artists. He's been on radio and numerous websites, including the Wiki Music Guide. Check out his videos here, and at other certain websites I could mention...
Examples of things people have said about him:
"John Zonn is a breath of fresh air in music" - Jodelen Ortiz (Admin Member WikiMusicGuide)
"I salute you over and over again" - Ginge (from 'Up Holster')
"A fresh sounding e.p. by someone who has invented and mastered their own genre"
- reviewing 'Los Galgos' - Ginge (from 'Up Holster')
"Thanks John. Enjoyed your songs, gentle and honest" - Mike Russell - Artist/Author
"If you like your music melodic, thoughtful and unaffected you could do much worse
than check out John Zonn" - Russell Barker (Russell's Reviews Online Music Magazine)
"Mature songs about everyday things" - Steve Risby - Artist
"If Douglas Adams is being chaneled (sic), Arthur Dent's is surely one of your songs.(smile)" - Terry Songs - Songwriter/Musician
"I think of you as a poet with guitar" - John Hiom - Artist
"Across between having a language lesson and watching someone have psychotherapy" - some bloke at The Lamb public house, Lewes, East Sussex, UK.

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