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- John Toda born in Italy in 1967. Since the first years of the elementary Schools is attracted from the photography and music. At 10 years receives for his birthday a Ferrania photocamera, and he begins to photograph the school companions and every thing incite his interest. Moved for job after the greater age in the USA, he completed studies as Director of the Photography and Direction, obtaining the qualifications of Dop, Director & Film maker to the American Institute of Photographic Science, and to the American Film Institute Conservatory. As VideoReporter for 18 years works travelling the world, realizing numerous naturalistic and socials documentary for many International televisions (Spain, USA, France, Germany, Japan, Egypt, Africa, Italy) and for thematic Channels; Blue Planet, Sky and Discovery Channel.
Possessing from always a great passion for the Fetish and the Eros Art, his personal eye and “point of view” embraces this world, realizing most particular short-movies, video clip, photos, which possess the taste in shot the erotic world through exaltation Fetish and artistic details - You can follow John Toda on:
johntoda dot com Simply the pleasure


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