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Please allow me to introduce myself; Hakeem Suntari Moore- social entrepreneur and medically-retired U.S. Army veteran.  After serving over thirteen years in the military I decided to apply my military knowledge to remedy the global "food security" crisis, veteran unemployment and offer green electricity.  

In the military, soldiers are trained and gain vast experience using sophisticated and cutting-edge technological innovations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Increasing degree attainment and increasing the STEM workforce are both important national priorities, veterans provide a natural opportunity for both. However, the transition to post-military education and employment presents challenges.

As a disabled combat veteran from a fifteen month tour of duty in- Baghdad-Iraq, starting a post military career has been an uphill battle.  This has motivated me to create a commercial scale Aquaponics farm, centered around green energy research & development.  Intended to assist wounded warriors interested in pursuing education and careers in STEM fields.  


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