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:: LEANDRO AGRO' aka leeander
+15y experienced IxD/UX Designer & Manager

Principal UX RAZORFISH healthware / Publicis-Omnicom | bit.ly/SV3xIG
President "Frontiers of Interaction" bit.ly/WTGrGb
Partner SrLabs | srlabs.it/en/index-en.html
Design Principal TOK.tv | tok.tv
President JoinPad | joinpad.net

Skype, Twitter, Flickr, Gmail: @leeander
mobile: +1 (415) 513-0041 | +39 348 8508522
blog: leeander.com

“Design isn't just about shapes or pixels anymore. Design is the process that shapes product behaviours, communities, companies and -in the end- builds new worlds.”

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