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Matthew Day (1979) is interested in the potential of choreography to imagine unorthodox relationships and propose new ways of being human. Utilising a minimalist approach Day often works with duration and repetition, approaching the body as a site of infinite potential and choreography as a field of energetic intensity and exchange.

Day's work is invested in the proliferate potential of choreography to contribute unique forms of knowledge to cultural discourse and enable affective experiences. He draws heavily from the visual arts, in particular painting and cinema which challenge traditional notions of image, object and body.

Raised in Sydney, Matthew was a teenage ballroom dancing champion. He went on to study Dance and Performance Studies at the University of Western Sydney and at the Victorian College of the Arts, before collaborating with students at the School for New Dance Development , NL. Day has been artist in residence, and presented his work extensively in Australia and Europe. He is currently based in Melbourne