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Oslo, Norway

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Illustration, Graphic Design , Visual arts, Set Design

VJ collective ForYour Eyes Truly

We specialise in:
-Live Mixing
-Animation/motion graphics
-Graphic Design
We started out creating and mixing live visuals for clubs, but we have now achieved experience appearing at music festivals, corporate events, gallery openings, sneaker release parties, and live concerts.

We perform live using video mixing software (VDMX), mad mapper, resolume avenue 4

Our mutual design backgrounds combines graphic design, illustration, set design, puppetry, animation and photography.
We also like to think beyond the typical setup with screens. We have experimented with scenic gauze (bobbinet) and other transparent fabrics, and boards with projection film. In the media we work we think its important to consider the whole space we create visuals for, and play with new ways of exploring the room.

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