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Daniel Dancer is an international aerial-art-activist who creates and films gigantic living paintings that only make sense from the sky. His modern resurrection of a 3000 year-old art form is a teaching in the power of collaboration, a lesson in the dangers of climate change and a call to change the way we perceive the world before it is too late. Initiated in 2001, he has created over 125 human mosaics, reaching directly thus far, over 100,000 people in 8 countries and 20 states.

Dancer’s book, Desperate Prayers: A Quest For Sense in a Senseless time tracks his early work as a solo Earth artist creating eco-mandalas from found materials around the world. Daniel lives in an earth-sheltered home made of recycled materials in Rowena Wilds, an eco-community he founded in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge.

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  1. I'm looking for a school to help me create an aerial art version of this bird in honor of the 100th anniversary. See www.artforthesky.com to understand what is involved. Might be a cool part of your film! Thanks for your good work!! Daniel