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  1. Hi there, with Smartsound tracks, you can choose any duration. Simply type in the exact duration of the track that you want, and then add it to your cart. Link:
  2. I there, it doesn't look like you've purchased any tracks yet. If you had, they would show here: You can purchase multiple tracks at the same time. Just add them to your cart and check out when you…
  3. I am interested on getting Bach Air on the G string but it only shows .30 sec worth. The portion of video I want to use it for is almost 2 min and I need music during that duration.
  4. I only saw the storage ad. I am afraid to try again and be billed twice. Also, please let me know if the tracks I buy are downloaded to my computer. BW I tried to buy more than one track but I think one can only buy one at a time. Is that right?
  5. Hi there, after you fill out your information on the Checkout page and hit Place Order, you are given a download link. What are you seeing?