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I was born in a hospital, as most babys are ( human at least ), in skokie illinois. I never lived in skokie thats just were my mothers doctor was.. kind of weird. Anywho, my being a girl was a compleat suprisise to my mother so insted of naming me zack.. ( or virginia like my dad wanted ) i was named hannah.

I spent many of my early years drawing, even making melodramas out of my markers interactions with eachother. In kindergarden my ability to fix when a marker had drawn over another color and picked up some of the forgin ink had quickly earned me the name " marker doctor lady". I believe that my intelegents in this matter is what started the testing. You see I have been pulled out of classes from elementry to highschool to take tests regarding my learning and thought prossess. In this they descoverd my dislexia, later my ADD, but what i find strange is an abnormaly high IQ and a strange way of learning and showing it. I stumble on my words, dont do homework, fail tests, so the goverment and educational system see me as an all around avrage student. Yet when given the siguation I am able to learn adapt and creat soulutions and possibilitys none can imagin, or at least no normal person could. What was a socialy awqward caterpiller has turned into a beautliful buttefly as i mingle with my strange quarky friends and grab the affections of most around me with my quips and friendly smile. My understandings of human imotion alow me to enter in and solve social dispbutes if i have enough prior knowlage. All in all with all of this, the fact that im good at math but hate it, that i have heart but lack the skill to play the violin profetionaly, the fact im so great with kids and adults, the fact that my room is filled with 1950s suit cases containing Agatha Cristie novles and a toy chest with a jessy doll and captain underpants comics, and the reason that I can never do a straight forward bio with simple things but i think this is my best and i just might use it from now on ( maybe it will change a little over the years ) all of this... is why im going into animation... ( also that whole thing about loving to draw and tell stories and creat worlds of wonder and such of which the known world has ever seen. )


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