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Preschool of Rock offers a unique, music based, curriculum for children and their families. Each PoR class or show is a roof raising celebration. We deliver a cerebral experience filled with exciting and intelligent programming. 

Our use of live, original music, drum circles, guitars, world instruments, dramatic play, props, puppets, movement and storytelling captivate our audiences.

The Founder, musician and actor, Michael Napolitano, a long time member of the Blue Man Group organization and former Music Specialist at the Blue Man Creativity Center in NYC, brings the creativity and pedagogy of these two establishments to Preschool of Rock. (Click to see more on Michael & Blue Man.)

This program is deleloped by a parent, for parents.
While participating in music programs with his children, Michael realized many music classes had too many similarities. He quested to find new methods and refreshing ways to offer families an educational and entertaining experience. In 2008 he began composing interactive music targeting movement, group performance, stories and lessons.

The infectious energy of the classes coupled with free creative expression gives birth to something new, something exciting, Preschool Of Rock. This approach to a 'celebratory' music class invokes a magical response in children, parents and educators.

This music program is not a franchise. The focus, and attention we offer our families is unprecedented. Every detail of our programming is crafted for an overall engaging and educational experience. We give our students a moment to embrace, celebrate and create music in a fun and free atmosphere. We encourage investigation, discovery and creativity with world instruments, dancing, singing, drumming, strumming and lots of laughing out loud.   Using our skills as actors and musicians we integrate music, and dramatic play, beautifully.
We gather to celebrate and embrace a life-long love and understanding of music.

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