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Independent producer/director in Knoxville, TN. In my other life, I'm a youth ministry coordinator and summer camp director.

After a full-time career in TV, I struck out in the freelance audio world, and branched out into shooting and editing out of my own facility. When youth ministry came calling (literally... the phone rang on that one), I answered. But I still produce/shoot/edit when I can, and find myself back on the set once in a while in my former role as a sound engineer/recordist.

There are so many great stories out there just waiting to be told. Indie film is the heartbeat of storytelling for many of those.


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  1. 5) The test was conducted with a mic that doesn't have the cleanest self-noise. It makes perfect sense with a RØDE VideoMic Pro, but move up to higher-quality gear with a cleaner noise floor and you'll see a difference.