Oat Vaiyaboon

Port Fairy, VIC

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Oat is an exceptional cook. It not because he is of Thai origin but his dedication and passion for fine Thai cuisine makes his food so special. You don't have to travel to the big cities or for that matter to Thailand for fine Thai food. Oat has brought it here to Western Victoria. Take it from me, I have eaten a lot of Thai food and "OAT IS GOOD". To top it all his fine artistic photography is on display at the restaurant. What a double. Go Oat!!

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  1. Some news website also took your video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBdfLGKtBQM
  2. Hi Daryl, awesome video, just wondering what camera did you use for this? GoPro? if so setting did you use? Great clarity and good low light performance.