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JJ Winlove is a filmmaker, advertising creative and photographer.

His first short film 'The Falling' won the Sydney Film Festival Wotnext Mobile Short Film competition. His next short, 'Coming Clean', has screened at festivals and on television in Australia and abroad, and his third short 'The Pool' received the Wildcard award from Peter Jackson at the New Zealand 48 Hour Film Festival.

He’s recently written and directed film number four: 'The Mind Job', previously nominated for best unproduced screenplay in the Australian Writer's Guild awards. It has screened at festivals around the world including L.A. Comedy Shorts 2013.

JJ’s original love was photography. His work has been exhibited in shows in Australia, New Zealand, and Los Angeles. For the last ten years he's worked as an art director in the advertising industry.

JJ knows people who know people who are pretty much famous.