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Fontella FarrarRichmond, VA - United States
Fontella Farrar - Fine Artist
Member Since: 03/05/2011
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Coming soon...I'm Fontella Moneet Farrar and I'm very talented. I grew up well actually born in South Hill, Virginia on December 15, 1965. The hospital name is Community Memorial Hospital. My Great grandmother was Averlena Bracey, and my grandmother was Mrs. Grace Carolyn Farrar, my Mother is Alice Mae Farrar Brown. My sisters are Delores Jeanette Farrar and Katherine Juanita Brown. I went to South Hill Elementary in 1978 and graduated in 1984 at Park View Senior High School in South Hill, Virginia.
The same year in Serptember about 14 days later I join the mlitary, the branch was the Navy. I worked as a Seabeeand got promoted as a Petty Officer . After service in Orlando, Florida
I came hoe to work in the local Veneer plant making paneling for homes and outer wood coverings for furniture called veneers. I work at this plant fro 12 years. I also worked security for Pinkerton Security for 12 years. The international company name has changed twice to Burns Security in 1992 and is known as Securitas Security now.
I do landscapes. I do mostly Pencil Portraits. Cityscenes, Animals, Murals, requested Tatoos, and Oil paintings. Pencil or Graphite is my specailty. Thank you once again for being interested in my artwork. Welcome to and come back anytime. I am actually very talent but I Ieave that up to the eye of the beholder.


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