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Mt. Pleasant, IA

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Todd Pringnitz has been bowhunting whitetails for some 23 years. For the past 5 years, Todd’s other company “White Knuckle Productions” has been producing and selling whitetail bowhunting videos. Along with WKP, Todd is the President of an Product Design, Engineering, and Supply company called Alan Components, LLC. Todd has designed many of the hunting products he uses in the field everyday.

When starting the Whitetails, Inc. Web Show it was Todd’s goal to show his entire hunting season as realistically as possible. There are so many aspects of the hunt that just don’t get attention in typical hunting show. Whitetails, Inc. was born of the idea of sharing a behind the scenes look into Todd’s life of everything “whitetails”. Join Todd and the Whitetails, Inc. Crew as they try to show you what it takes to get close to big whitetails.