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London, UK

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I am a Masters graduate in Film and TV Production from Bristol University. I have studied Film Directing at Art University of Tehran and previously directed Symphony (2007), The 8th Person (2009), The Time Machine (2011), Trials of An Impure Heart (2011) and The Fabulous Emily Doudou (2013).
I have been involved and interested in Visual Effects and CGI and has been working in this field since 2006 in film and special effects companies including the BBC. I'm fully experienced in working with editing and Visual effects' softwares such as Adobe After Effects, Mocha, Apple Color, FCP, Adobe suit, DaVinci Resolve and Autodesk 3Ds Max.
I have done several research in film including "The Cinema of Tom Tykwer", "South African Cinema", "Film and Philosophy" and the most recent one "CGI in Fantasy Films".

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