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Sydney, Australia

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I've been in the music industry since the 80s, done a ton of touring and recording been on the opposite side of the camera on Music Video shoots and live TV with 'The Reels' You can Google or Youtube that.

Taking the plunge 1st Music video is on the drawing board and first short film called 'Haunted Man' by Director Ricky Pannowitz.

If I've added you as a contact its cause I've seen your Videos (they were great BTW) They inspire me to learn.



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  1. thanks Marco and as per usual sound track is superb. The MixPre D is one of the best, can you recommend anything just under that in price and quality? Hope you having a great festive season.
  2. Hi Marco, what preamp and mic you using for audio into Camera? The lenses come up nice on the 4K camera.