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  1. The animations really worked well for the video. And the music seemed to fit the intro and your brother's personality.
  2. Josh Sweetman commented on Untitled
    I like the hide and seek aspect. Makes the viewer wonder where this person is. And love the funny ending.
  3. Derek Wigboldy commented on Untitled
    I like the choice of music, and the laughter at the end sends a happy tone. And the map was a very good tool to say what you wanted to.
  4. Mitch Malatek commented on Untitled
    Your video could have communicated everything without the use of words or texts, that shows the visuals were quite good.
  5. Carese Bartlett commented on Untitled
    I liked how you explained a very long story with mostly pictures and a map in 30 seconds. It was so simple and great.