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As Founder and Executive Producer of Movie Mogul, Kent wanted to create a company that could successfully merge storytelling and branded content in short-form video. So far, so good. Although running a company means being a "Jack of-all-trades," Kent spearheads business development and provides creative direction on all projects.

Prior to Movie Mogul, Kent was Executive Producer at Verite Films, a production company focused on commercials, network promos and branding for clients such as Discovery Channel networks (Military Channel, Science Channel, Discovery Health), Scripps Networks (HGTV, DiY, Food Network), HSN, Comcast and ESPN.

Before turning his energies toward producing, Kent was Creative Director at the ad agency Surfing Shakespeare, working with such clients HBO, GM, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Paramount and Universal. And back before Surfing Shakespeare, he was Creative Director for J.D. Edwards, an enterprise software company, overseeing company branding and identity.

When not working on projects, Kent devotes considerable time to experimental filmmaking. His work has garnered notable media attention and won awards at festivals around the country. Several films have had theatrical runs in Denver, New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC as well as screenings in cities all over Europe, Asia and Africa.

Kent is a member of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) and Producers Guild of America (PGA). He provides insight and commentary on the entertainment industry through various blogs, including

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